Before & After School Programs

Smart Play

CHANCES Before and After School Programs is known as Smart Play. It is a licensed high quality child care program for children aged kindergarten through grade 6 that require before and/or after school care. There is also child care available on professional development days and during the summer.

This program will provide your child with opportunities for positive emotional, physical and intellectual experiences that will promote his or her overall growth. The program makes effective use of before and after school time where children can benefit from social interaction and play.

The Program Offers:

  • Daily fun an creative activities that include physical exercise, outdoor play, music, arts and positive social interactions with other children that will allow your child to learn through play.
  • Certified Youth Educators who develop and implement creative programming on an ongoing basis to meet the needs of your child.
  • Nutritious snack enhances the overall experience for your child.



  • Before and after school care: $67.50 per week
  • After school care only: $62.50 per week
  • Fees for full day care (professional development days and storm closures before noon): $22 per day
  • March Break and Summer Programming: $25 per day
  • Fees for ½ day care (storm closures 12 pm or later): $17 per day

Please note: Smart Play programs that are located in schools are unable to provide care when schools close due to storms.