The First Few Weeks with your new baby


Congratulations! The “easy” part is over and now the real fun begins. Every baby is unique and every mom is too. You are a pair and each of you will have things to figure out about each other. The first few weeks can be a bit of a roller coaster ride but it does get easier as you build confidence in your own abilities.

Just had a baby? A six week survival guide

We often suggest that it takes about 6 weeks before you feel comfortable with being a new mom. It is different for everyone. Relax, take it day by day, you will be surprised at how quickly you will figure out your own baby’s cries and respond accordingly.

This booklet from Ontario is a great resource for caring for your newborn. 


Bathing your baby may be a little stressful at first. Check out this great video for some tips on making it easier for both you and baby.