Special Delivery

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This event finished on 01 May 2018

CHANCES SPECIAL DELIVERY group is a relaxed, yet very informative way to learn about pregnancy, labour and birth.

CHANCES is piloting a new project, an early prenatal online booklet that will help you to navigate all that you will need to know in the early stages of pregnancy.

We ask that you pre register simply by submitting our prenatal registration form and someone will  then contact you with the details.

Following your first trimester, CHANCES offers group style prenatal sessions. These sessions are facilitated by an experienced RN.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes information on doctor visits, fetal development, nutrition and lifestyle choices, signs and stages of labour, comfort measures, medical options, breastfeeding and caring for your new baby and much more.

Classes are located at 77 Upper Prince St, Charlottetown, PE. Call 902-892-8744 or email marilynhall@chancesfamily.ca for more information.

In order to prepare yourself a bit for our sessions, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our Prenatal Terms (dictionary) and by reading up on how to take care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy.