CHANCES (Caring, Helping, And Nurturing, Children Every Step) is a non-profit, charitable organization, that exists to provide a range of early intervention and support services to children from 0-11 years and their families, particularly those experiencing additional life challenges.

In the provision of a range of comprehensive programs and services, CHANCES receives funding through the Public Health Agency of Canada, the province of Prince Edward Island, private Foundations as well as individual donors and private donations.

In addition, CHANCES offers self-sustaining programs on a fee-for-service basis for families. CHANCES, which was established over twenty years ago, has been very successful in meeting its mandate.

CHANCES is fully integrated into the existing network of support for young children and their families in Prince Edward Island.

The programs have a significant utilization rate and respond to approximately 5000 children and their families each year.

Donations received are used to enhance and increase programming in support of children and families across PEI.

All donors will receive a Charitable Donation receipt for Income Tax purposes.