Best Start

The Best Start Program is a home visiting program offered in partnership with Public Health Nursing and 5 other family resource centers across Prince Edward Island.  It is offered to parents with child from birth – 36 months. Your public health nurse will talk to you about the Best Start Program when she visits you and your baby and families who benefit the most from an in home support program will be matched with a Best Start Worker.  Best Start Workers provide ongoing weekly in home visiting support to these families.

Program Brochure

What will you and your Best Start Worker do together?

  • She will bring activities that you can do with your baby, which will help with growth and development;
  • Together you will discuss information about your child; e.g. health, safety, nutrition, language and other topics.  She will help you find answers to your questions;
  • Together you will work on goals that are important to you;
  • She can connect you with other community resources available for families

Best Start families have said…

“My Best Start Worker is a great source of information on parenting and family issues.  She is a good listener.”

“I feel more confident as a parent because of Best Start.”

Best Start Staff Directory


Provincial Best Start Coordinator

Roberta Ward David   902-620-2698  /

Queens/Kings Best Start Site Manager

Joyce Cullen Foster  902 892-0267 /

Queens Best Start Supervisor

Michelle Boulter

Queens Best Start Workers: 367-6744

Kendra Driscoll –

Bonnie Fitzpatrick –

Linda Gowing Burke –

Krista MacEwen –

Candace MacPhail –

Patsy Wakelin –

Katie Young –

Valerie Young –

Alicia Hegarty –




Kings Best Start Workers

Montague: 838-4600   /  Souris: 687-3928

Stacey Newell –

Tamara Harris –



East/West Prince Best Start Site Manager

Summerside: 902-724-3097

Vanessa Poirier –

East Prince Best Start Supervisor

O’Leary: 902-859-1699

Kelli Doyle MacKay –

East Prince Best Start Workers

Summerside: 902-724-3097

Julie Hogan –

Andrea MacCormac –

Debbie Riley –

Karen Viva –

West Prince Best Start Workers

O’Leary: 859-1699

Joni Campbell –

Anne McCarthy –

Cindy Griffin –