Casual Support
Type: Part-Time

The Casual Support staff will work with the Early Childhood and Youth Educators to provide quality programs for children, parents/caregivers who are participants of CHANCES. The Casual Support Staff plays a very significant role in the day to day functioning of CHANCES. They develop positive relationships with the children and their families and participate as members of the Early Childhood and Early Learning Teams as well as the broader staffing unit of CHANCES.

How to apply

Please email your resume to Shawna Clark or send it to CHANCES Main office.

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CHANCES (Caring, Helping, And Nurturing, Children Every Step) is a non-profit, charitable organization that exists to provide a range of child development and parent support services to children from 0-11 years and their families, particularly those experiencing additional life challenges.

In the provision of a range of comprehensive programs and services, CHANCES receives funding through the Public Health Agency of Canada, the province of Prince Edward Island, and private donations.

In addition, CHANCES offers self-sustaining programs on a fee for service basis for families.